Here are my Keto twists on Italian favourites I’ve grown up with as well as some Canadian comfort foods I’ve made keto-friendly.
Buon Appetito!

Lasagna Goes Keto

Even Garfield could go keto if he had this lasagna recipe handy.

Keto Chocolate Cake in Under 5 Minutes

When a chocolate craving strikes, rely on this recipe to defend against a carb-binge! Keep Calm and Keto On!

Homemade Mayonnaise in Under 2 Minutes

Whip up this healthy-fat mayo in minutes, and add it to meals through your week.

Keto “Breading” 101

When you know how to “bread” your meat without breadcrumbs, you are on to some next-level stuff. Welcome to Keto Breading 101!

Bone Broth 101

Make your very own bone broth. It’s not as scary as it sounds and packs plenty of flavour + nutrition (plus you can drink it from a mug!)


Pizza Goes Keto

The harsh reality of going keto means you can’t order take-out pizza. But wait! That doesn’t mean in 30 minutes or less you can’t enjoy a Keto Pizza! Check out these crust options and try ’em all!