Bone Broth 101

With all the meat our family is consuming, something I had noticed was just how quickly my compost bin would fill up with bones and trimmings. It made me realize I was wasting much of the nutritious minerals in our whole foods, and I recalled the soups my Nonna and mom made from scratch as I grew up. I didn’t make anything like them – it was time to fix that.

There is love and pride in this Crock-Pot. Plus bones, lots of bones.

Turns out there isn’t really a secret here, they just boiled bones and added seasoning! So I looked in to cooking up my own bone broth and I must say it’s become a staple in our house. Delicious, savoury and packed with collagen & minerals. I love a cup of broth to break an extended fast.

And it’s shockingly simple. It’s not quick, but you just set it and forget it.

For equipment? All you need is a crock pot, check this one out if you need one and a few mason jars to store it in!

Optional: Immersion Blender (check this one out) for getting a frothy texture to the broth itself when it comes time to enjoy a mug or bowl of brothy goodness.

Optional: Cleaver to break apart some of the bones (to get the marrow!) – I use this, its extremely satisfying to chop with)

Steps coming up for turning these:

Chicken bones used you formerly tossed out…

In to this:

Liquid gold!

Step by Step Bone Broth

  1. Find your bones! (Cooked or raw, doesn’t matter)
  2. Toss in to crock pot
  3. Fill with water
  4. Simmer low and slow for 24-72 hours
  5. Optional pro-level tip: Throughout cooking, remove bones & chop softened bones with cleaver to allow more marrow out.
  6. When done, strain contents in to containers (mason jars ideal)
  7. Enjoy any way you like!

I’ll add our home made bone broth to dishes as stock, or use as a soup base. But my favourite way to enjoy my bone broth is in a mug, with a little butter salt and pepper… Blitzed up with the immersion blender. It’s a savoury latte – sounds weird but I swear by it now! Hope you enjoy 🙂

For details on how bone broth can aid in your weight loss, check out my post on fasting and this supplemental section on ForeverAlphaBlog for more.