A bit about me.

Never thought I’d step in to one of these things, or get the results I did getting out of one!

Hi there! I’m turning 35 years old this year, and 2 years ago this January I was pushing 200lbs (as a 5’8″ male, that put me squarely in the “obese” category). Today I’m down to around 165lbs and still working on optimizing my health and body composition. I’d like to share how I got where I am, from where I started. Many people I’ve coached and shared my story with all have one thing common – they just need some accountability to help gain momentum to make the rest happen. I’m here for that.

My story? I was born & raised in Toronto, Canada in a half Italian / half Canadian household. I was always an overweight kid, and after high school slowly packed on the pounds despite my best efforts to ‘eat less and move more’. I believed people who said I was just eating too much… and that I just needed to exercise more. Well I can confidently say that I was lied to. By my teachers, by my doctors, and by society in general.

So I stopped listening to them all and did my own research. This was where the magic began, and the spark to help others is the genesis of this site.

Hold on tight it’s about to get good!!!

The resulting health changes have blown my mind, and I want to share my story with as many folks I can. This blog is my way of adding to the unstoppable wave of truth coming across social media that will shift the way we all think of health, nutrition. and weight loss. I am paying it forward to anybody searching for answers to their weight loss goals, and also want to leverage this blog to connect personally with those who want coaching and be held accountable – reach out to me for a conversation and we can get started together.

Media Appearances

My most recent podcast was with my new friends Akshay and Salar on “The Missing Pages“. We share laughs while taking about going keto, what benefits and challenges one should expect with the lifestyle – plus some practical strategies to changing habits & lifestyle without “alienating” everybody around you 🙂 enjoy!

Check out this podcast appearance with Lori Shemek and Omar Cumberbatch on “This Podcast Burns Fat”.

I’ve been featured on the Everyday Wellness Podcast where Cynthia, Kelly and I discuss Keto in the context of Lifestyle. Check it out here.

Keto Lifestyle and Diet Mindfulness Podcast

I shared my story on the Low Carb MD Podcast here:

If you’d like to listen in on a conversation I had with Kevin over at Ketomojogogo check out the video interview we did together here.

I’m having so much fun sharing my experience and helping others take back their health. I hope you enjoy the site. I encourage you to share and keep digging – start from the beginning or check out my latest posts.

Hungry for more? My eBook is available for download here: