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Below is a list of my favourite go-to websites proven helpful on my keto journey.

Special thanks to all of the doctors, scientists, journalists, and N of 1 Experimenters who believed strongly enough in low carb living to put themselves out there for the greater good.

Paying it forward by living your advice, taking back my health, and sharing the experience.

#1 –

Dr. Ted Naiman’s website has plenty of amazing information as well as fantastic & famous infographics aka “Naimemes” to help deliver complex messages in easy to understand visuals. Definitely check this out!

#2 –

As the site’s tagline says, “low carb and keto made simple“. This site has so many recipes, you will never be bored and will always be eating delicious low carb food. Lots of expert interviews and blog content updated here as well.

#3 –

A place where like-minded self-experimenters make the ketogenic diet work for them. This forum is frequented by many of the “ketoverse” experts – so there’s always fresh content being discussed. Odds are if you have a question about keto, it’s currently being discussed here.

#4 –

Listen to Dr. Jason Fung for 1 minute and try to stop. It’s like being pulled out of the Matrix! He is so refreshing, explains in minutes complex concepts in simple terms. We should all plainly understand what seems naturally clear to him about obesity, insulin, and steps to reverse both.

#5 –

If you haven’t watched Dr, Lustig describe what sugar actually does to your body in plain english… you need to remedy that. Set aside some time to watch “Sugar, the Bitter Truth” its now world-renowned. Dr. Lustig easily demonstrates why calories are truly not created equal.

#6 –

Amy Berger (@Tuitnutrition on twitter) is an inspirational blogger who I’ve followed ever since I switched to keto. Her writing style makes digesting her long-form blogs a pleasure, and provides a “real world” perspective to low carb / keto lifestyle. Recommend this post to start down the rabbit hole!

#7 –

The Atkins website has a fantastic post on tips for dining at an Italian restaurant. There are so many great options (don’t even get me started on the antipasto platter (that could be a meal in and of itself!) you just need to skip the bread, avoid the pizza and substitute in grilled veggies drenched in quality olive oil. You will feel like royalty when you skip the carbs!

The principles shared are particularly useful to me as an Italian, and I have applied it at weddings (I’ve been to my fair share!) and family / social get-togethers as well. I can say minus the ‘pasta course’ I did not miss anything food-wise. And by skipping the bread and pasta, I felt energetic enough to double down on the other delicious items not feeling overstuffed like the rest of my table!

#8 –

Generally speaking, if you’ve never listened to a podcast on low carb, it’s a great way to gain insights on key topics of the lifestyle. The long format facilitates “listening in on experts” discuss topics you are so vested in is amazing. I hope you will dig in to this one and find others (name a few: obesity code, fasting talk, 2ketodudes).

Warning; This particular episode of Low Carb MD brings together so many topics, it could blow your mind. First, you will be introduced to the LCMD podcast and want to follow it (Dr. Tro and Dr. Lenzkes are both awesome LC doctors who were obese and have lost the weight themselves). Their featured guest Dr. Cywes is so well-versed and easy to listen to, it will likely lead you to dig up more from him & get inspired!

Other great podcasts are 2ketodudes and peak human.

#9 –

This free-to-download book explains how elimination of carbs is not a ‘new fad’. This knowledge was widely known in the medical community prior to Atkins – and before Keto became a “trendy” diet. The older style English prose is as a bonus delightful to read.

#10 teaspoons of sugar equivalence in foods

Dr. David Unwin’s infographics will visually help educate you on how much sugar foods contain (rice, bread are from your metabolism’s perspective nearly pure sugar!) “Type 2 Diabetes: 7 NICE endorsed infographics to explain how much carbohydrates in foods may affect blood glucose”

Yes, (insert non-sweet carb) THAT FOOD does contain “sugar”!

#11 ForeverAlphaBlog

This website full of great tips and free content geared towards men beginning (or sustaining) a journey similar to mine is one you cannot pass up. Follow Alex on Twitter for great content and remember, surrounding yourself (and your social media newsfeed) with positive reinforcement is a key enabler to lasting success.

Will add to this list on an ongoing basis, please enjoy and share!

In addition to these great resources, you might like to read my personal story, click the link below.

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