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Have you been interested in the keto diet, but are unsure whether you could start it due to your family or social circles?

Italian Goes Keto eBook

How I lost 50 pounds on keto dropping pasta, pizza and bread without alienating my Italian family

Italian Goes Keto” is the self-documented journey of Anthony Giordano (author) from obesity to healthy and lean. Anthony details practical advice on commonly asked questions related to adopting the ketogenic lifestyle, with added context of a family & social environment not ready to accept keto as a healthy choice. There is stigma in making this choice, and Italian Goes Keto is full of tips on overcoming it for the sake of your own health.

How does one ‘ditch the carbs’ when having been surrounded by pasta, pizza, bread and desserts at every meal most of their life? There are many ways to do this without alienating yourself from your family or social circles. Here are ways you can start..

In addition to common Keto questions, chapters on Goal-Setting, Accountability, and the true value of health.

This ebook is indispensable as a simple guide for those looking for trail-blazing tips to try a ketogenic diet, but have not been able to ‘take the plunge’ for fear of facing uncertainty and judgement.