Embrace Change & Create Your Own Luck

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”


Today, I share a pet peeve of mine: when someone says “Oh, isn’t it so lucky that (this thing) happened to you!”. Can you relate? Do you feel like your accomplishment is a little cheapened when likened to a dice roll?

I roll with the punches, though, smile and agree – “yep… Lucky again!”. And then the follow-up hits: “you are always so lucky… Wish I could be!”. Well, it’s time to get real and write out the secret to luck. Read on if interested!

I promise it will make you smile! Enjoy, and if you are triggered by the candy click here for a quick Keto compliant fix

What’s Luck Got to do with it?

In my experience, it’s never just “lucky that (insert fortuitous event)” occurred in your favour. It’s much more likely that you’ve created your own luck. You were well-prepared, and when the opportunity you had prepared for came along – be it taking first steps to change a lifestyle, or catching a fish – you were ready to pounce on it.

Unless a natural event, completely outside of your own personal circle of control caused a spontaneous occurrence in your favour (ie: that fish just jumped out of the water landing directly in your boat), you likely had a hand in ‘creating’ the perceived “good fortune”.

Let’s talk about fishing for a second here. Trust me, go with it. If you’ve never gone fishing before, don’t fret, the analogy will not be lost.

To catch a fish, said fish must bite your lure… and hopefully start snagged on the hook long enough for you to reel it in. Alot of fishing is about being in the right place at the right time. The fish does all the work, it would seem. Let’s pause here for a bit…

I’m not “lucky” for finding keto and taking back my health. I would consider myself “lucky” if my genetics spontaneously mutated years ago, allowing me to continue consuming a diet that eroded my health for the first 30-so years of life. What is nearly opposite of lucky is recognizing gaps in diet and exercise habits, then taking slow sustainable actions that resulted in a lifestyle of improved eating habits, losing weight, and staying healthy.

Ok in the same vein, I’m not “lucky” to have caught a fish. I had to prepare. I had to fail (alot).

Nobody caught no fish from the couch.

I had to take measures to snag a bite:

  • Be in the boat
  • Be in the water
  • Have my lure in the right place
  • Be patient
  • Be “there at the right time”

You see why I don’t like it when I get called “lucky” to have accomplished anything?

Embracing change is about knowing your goals and routinely taking steps making inroads, eventually resulting in attaining the goal.

I’ve written much on enjoying the process, and reaping rewards of this mindset is very much what some dismiss absently as “luck”.

I believe that lumping luck along with success cheapens one’s accomplishments. Are you lucky, or have you taken more risks, spent more time preparing, and understand where you want to be positioned when opportunity knocks?

Now flip the equation

If you want that result… Will waiting around for a “lucky day” get it done for you? No, even if the fish was swimming right under your boat you couldn’t hook it is your line wasn’t in the water.

Takeaway here is if you are succeeding, be proud of your preparedness meeting opportunities. That is sometimes what others perceive as luck. It is not. You did it.

If you are not seeing results, the other side of the coin is: don’t view other people’s success as “luck” that they have and you don’t. Instead, take those steps to become better prepared for future opportunities.

Eat right, be active, do things you enjoy… And focus on your goals. Aligning your actions to achieving your life goals will get you to accomplish them.

Lack of seafood on this grill should not diminish fishing metaphor’s effectiveness!

As a side effect, this success might make you feel “lucky”; and others might dismiss your hard work as mere chance… but really, luck had nothing to do with it. Ciao!

Now if I had caught a T-Bone steak this way… You could call me lucky.