Enjoy the Process Part 4: Better than Yesterday

When I hear someone my age (mid thirties) say “well that’s just how life is now ” I get a jolt up my spine. This person is usually referring to a pain, or health issue, or nagging symptom that can be attributable to their metabolic condition. Is this person just making excuses to resign? Is this person giving up on improving for the rest of their life? Will he ‘embrace the dad bod‘? Well, I will not go quietly in to that abyss. Nobody should. Let’s Strive to be Better than Yesterday.

“Before you heal someone, Ask him if he is willing to give up the things that made him sick.”


Once you have been “woke” to the metabolic derangement caused by poor diet – and that most of the advice we’ve been given all our lives has been wrong – you can actually take steps in improving your health. I pity those who just can’t get free of the clutches of carbs. They don’t realize that on just the other side of the loaf of bread is a brand new life, free of the many symptoms people assume are a normal part of ageing. Here’s a pro tip: they are not.

The “dad bod” I’m making Better than Yesterday – Day in & Day out!

I would like to remind you today: If you are slowly improving your health, or even just preventing its decline, you should be lauded with praise. Why?

Most of society is knowingly allowing their health to deteriorate. Maybe that’s what we experience as the modern-day “average”, but it is by no means what we ought to blindly accept. You can retain vibrance and health as you age. Personally, I’m in better shape today in my mid-thirties than I was in my twenties. Stronger, Leaner and feeling better than ever.

Furthermore, I expect to improve deeper in to my forties, fifties, sixties and beyond! I will define and sculpt my own “dad bod”, thank you very much. Oh what’s that, a tinge of cynicism have I evoked? Well have a few sources of inspiration as proof positive others have succeeded in those goals – so I will too. And so can you.

Willing to Give Up What Made You Sick?

In the earlier quote from our man Hippocrates, we’ve got some “real talk” to unpack. He asks a very tough question – to get well, are you willing to give up what made you sick? This is the perfect retort to those who question Keto as a fad diet. These people say things like:

  • “Keto isn’t sustainable in the long term”
  • “Once you start eating normally again, you will gain the weight back”
  • “I could never do Keto because I love my _____ (bread, pasta, beer, pizza)”

Are you willing to give up that which has made you sick? Truly, are you? That ice cream dessert habit dies hard, doesn’t it? Saying farewell to pizza delivery isn’t quite so cut and dry. Let’s use an example from pop culture.

In the movie “The Matrix” there is a character who has been shown the reality or truth behind the illusion. He knows when he is inside the Matrix, the ‘steak’ he consumes is not real, but a computer program sends him the sensations of eating it, and therefore the pleasure is actually subverted by knowing it’s simply an illusion. He’s not actually eating a real steak, and so his enjoyment of it is trivialized. This is unacceptable, he does not want to give up the illusion… and so he decides he would rather deny and forget the truth. He asks to be ‘put back’ in to the Matrix because as he says quite poignantly “Ignorance is bliss“.

This keto meal is a step in the right direction, even if the results aren’t immediate.

Many people know processed carbs and sugar are bad for them, but will not explore low carb diets for the above listed reasons.

If one can allow themselves to think this way after seeing the black and white results – that giving up carbohydrate can reverse obesity / type 2 diabetes and many metabolic issues… well, let’s just say the character described above from the Matrix isn’t exactly “hero” material. In that regard, there really is no decision once you understand how carbs affect your metabolism. and you want to become healthier. This way of eating actually works, it healed me, so going back to a carb-heavy diet simply isn’t an option.

You can’t “go back” to the Matrix. You need to be willing to give up what made you sick. No pizza tastes as good as how living keto feels.

How Keto & Weight Loss is Like Golf

I love golf. I am by no means a good golfer, but I love it… why? Because I am out there against myself. Every stroke (I’ll admit, over 100+ on most of my rounds) is something I have full control over. If I nail a great shot, well that’s all on me. When I knock the ball out of bounds in to a ravine? Also totally on me. That’s why I enjoy it so much, it’s not the game but the time to work on improving something. Plus, walking outdoors in lush scenery, great comraderie, and the chance to unplug totally from technology are all bonus ‘treats’.

In the same spirit, when eating keto, there’s no outside influence in what goes in to my mouth. I decide if I eat that bite of dark chocolate. I decide if I am going to water fast for the next 3 days. And the results I see (closer to or further away from my goals) are fully under my control.

And what’s funny, sometimes I do everything right – just like setting up my golf swing – but when I execute, the result isn’t exactly what I imagined. The beauty here is, I always have another shot coming up, and I have total control again. I could choose to become frustrated and totally go off the rails or, I could enjoy the process and be better than yesterday. Consistency is what gets you a ‘par’ or ‘birdie’, and even a terrible approach can be salvaged with a perfectly executed putt.

Take Some Inspiration, but Find Internal Motivation

Your mind will give up 10 times before your body does. So much of this journey is mental. The physical falls in place. But, if you are easily swayed by others, you will get nowhere fast. Everybody has an opinion on what you are doing, whether it’s healthy or not, or too difficult in the long run blah blah blah. Are they healthy, fit and lean? If they aren’t, why are you even listening to them?

Every Day Can Be a little Better than Yesterday

I’m fine with taking inspiration from someone else to get things going. Or to lean on someone you trust to pick you up when you are feeling a little low. But long-term? You need to live and breathe your own personal reasons for why you are committed to your goal.

If you are not committed internally, your resolve will quickly be bashed in to nothing by the naysayers of the world. An antidote to this negativity is simple: find your why and be stoically & internally motivated.

Today Is All You Have

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes. All we have is this moment, embrace it, and realize our decisions at this very second influence our future self. The more you align your everyday decisions to your goals, the more likely your future self will be thanking your ‘past self’.

Planting a garden is just as important as harvesting. Keep your goal in mind and take daily action to cultivate it.

Take time to send some “gratitude” or “good vibes” to your past and future selves. You existed, exist, and will exist. So where you came from has shaped you today. If you are better, stronger, healthier today than you were yesterday, that’s a success you can be proud of. If you want to be better tomorrow than today, you just need to take a few small decisions to lead you in that direction.

To take a golf analogy, it’s like sitting pretty on the green 3 feet from the hole and looking back with gratitude on the beautiful consistency that got you there. Envision your goal weight appearing on the scale… or you fitting in to those ‘goal pants’ you bought a few sizes too small. Then looking in the mirror and giving your past self a kudos. That’s what success looks like.

When you learn how to deal with adversity, you become a focused machine. You have identified your goal, and you know you have a winning strategy. Now, it’s just a matter of simply executing against it every day. You will succeed with consistency, time and enjoying the process.

It’s a simple formula, but one many will not follow because there are many times where your persistence is not immediately rewarded. Who cares? You will succeed where others do not because you are not swayed from your goal. You are internally motivated. You have a plan and you are taking small steps to bring you closer to your goals every day.

Until next time, keep enjoying the process and remember to be better than yesterday!