Best 7 Convenient Keto Snacks

I am often asked about what helped me transition from standard American diet to Keto. A big element in that transition was having convenient Keto snacks available. While in some ways, it’s simple to whip up a quick keto dessert with the right ingredients and equipment, it’s not always convenient. What’s great about the increasing popularity of Keto is there are more and more shelf-stable options available to make adherence a breeze.  

Olive Oil Lemon Loaf with Keto Custard – delicious but not exactly a “grab and go” snack!

I’ve tried a variety of packaged keto snacks, and have found most of the time the ones you make yourself are best. However, having full control of the ingredients is key – plus let’s face it the convenience factor cannot be ignored!  Stock up on some of my recommendations so you don’t fall “off the wagon” and back to carb-doom.

Here are my picks for best 7 Convenient Keto Snacks that cover all the bases.  Your Sweet, Salty and Savoury keto snack-attacks will be no more!

Sweet Keto Snacks

Salty Keto Snacks

  • Parm Crisps. These are delicious cracker / chip / crisp alternatives.  I like them right out of the bag on their own, but also use for dipping in to guacamole / salsa, or crumbled in salad.
  • Pork rinds. Another great snack to have on hand.  I love to use them for making keto nachos (top the pork rinds as you normally would – cheese, salsa, jalapenos & microwave)

Savoury Keto Snacks

  • Beef Jerky / Biltong. Nothing beats a good chew of beef jerky to satisfy that ‘umame’ savoury craving.  While these are very high protein, they are very satiating despite low fat.  Make sure you up the fat elsewehere around your day! Try  Jack Link’s as well as  Stryve Biltong


  • DNX Bars. These are delicious bars that really keep your appetite in check. Plenty of variety (chicken, beef) as well as flavour combinations.  I haven’t tasted one I didn’t enjoy.

Remember the Long Game

My keto snack stockpile on a recent roadtrip kept me in good spirits!

Taking the first steps in to keto is tough. So you’ve got to make that initial phase as easy on yourself as possible. In my opinion, having these items on hand goes a long way to ensuring successful adaptation and sustainable in the long run. Just think about it… simply replacing your carby snacks with these keto-friendly versions brings you one step closer to automatically remaining in ketosis!

And a reminder: the best thing to do daily is ensure you eat a fatty & satiating meal. I don’t recommend snacking in between meals; in fact the longer you are keto, the easier it becomes to fast. The above snacks are best consumed with your meal as an occassional substitute for “dessert”. Better yet, incorporate them as a “side” to a keto dish.

Now stock up and enjoy! Til next time, Ciao.