My Keto Diet Results

This post is the most I’ve ever revealed about my personal weight loss journey to anyone outside my immediate family. My Keto Diet Results show a transformation that I’m proud to share. If you have been struggling with diet, and not getting the results you expect, I hope this inspires you.

WARNING: This post contains a shirtless man (me) and graphical images*! (*Chill, I literally mean images of graphs)!

Get it, graphical images? Nerd alert!

Every instinct told me not to click the “share” or “publish” buttons, because there was fear in me. Fear of judgement, and shame to reveal how bad things got.

But I’m here to share that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and I want as many people I can reach to learn how the keto diet results in transformation! I’ve been there – it’s not fun and feels overwhelming. I promise you with the right information (keto / low carb is the answer that worked for me) you can make the change. No ‘dieting‘, no ‘calorie restriction‘, no ‘portion control‘ – those are not the answers despite what you have been told, I’ve tried those methods and failed! The answer for me has been this “Keto thing” you’ve been reading about – and it’s not a scary thing. It’s super simple – just eat real food and set yourself up to succeed with some planning. When you fuel your body with food it has evolved to process, it knows just what to do, and you will effortlessly transform yourself. Guaranteed.

So – How did things get so bad?

So a little over 2 years ago I was over 200lb. At 5’8″ tall, that put me in the obese category measured by BMI. Well, this happened really slowly, sneakily and quietly. Without warning, it seemed the weight just kept creeping up. I didn’t really notice, except I kept having to go to my ‘comfortable’ clothes and couldn’t even consider putting on more than half of my wardrobe. It was mentally exhausting opening my closet every morning. And, I was scared to step on the scale because I knew in the back of my mind things weren’t really where I wanted them to be, and I knew each time the number would likely be worse. So instead, out of sight, out of mind.

Maybe my loved ones didn’t notice, or didn’t want to hurt my feelings, or just thought hey it’s normal as you get older to put on the pounds. When I noticed online other people’s Keto Diet Results, I was intrigued. And I made a plan to make serious change.

To Transform yourself, you Must Break Free of Paradigms

All of that is crazy to me now, but years ago I did not consider how food could impact so many aspects of my life. Modern society has had evidence and ‘tribal knowledge’ since the 1800’s that low-carb / keto works for weight loss (see Prof. Tim Noakes’ wonderful book “Real Meal Revolution). This knowledge has simply been buried beneath our pop culture with large thanks to food industry advertising and government nutritional policies guiding the population to eat 6 meals a day. Also, we are told to ensure more than half our daily food consumption is comprised of grains, starch and processed food-like substances… is it any wonder obesity and type 2 diabetes run rampant?

We just can’t allow our friends and family to continue becoming more overweight and sick. Why do we let it to happen? Is it politeness? Social norms? Break those, these are keeping you and your loved ones fat! Let’s help each other out and start being more honest, passionate and maybe just a bit less sensitive. Though taking constructive criticism is difficult, wouldn’t you rather hear it than be coddled by a close friend or family member withholding it from you?).

OK – My Keto Diet Results – How did I Transform?

Carbs <20g / day (net), eat whole foods to satiety, and Enjoy the Process

I’m not at my end goal… and I may never be. But I’ve improved my health, and continue to progress while enjoying every minute of it. It’s liberating and exhilarating! Join me!

First, the weight came off very fast and reliably. I knew when I would step on the scale within 0.5lb accuracy how much I would weigh the next day – and it was always on a constant trajectory down to my goal!

This was super motivating, because I felt I had finally “found something that worked“. There was no more guessing or hoping! I just limited my carbs to 20 net per day, and ate until I felt ‘full’ and like magic my body tapped in to my body fat stores for the extra energy it had stored over the yearas!

Wait You Look Totally Different! How Did you Do That?

I shed weight so fast, people at work stopped (and still stop) me all the time to ask “Wow – what have you been doing?” (and by the way they always guess wrong, the secret is not eating less or moving more – sorry guys!). My family got genuinely concerned I had developed an eating disorder. I found these switches in perspective so ironic – nobody seemed interested or concerned as I was ballooning up, but suddenly noticed / became worried when I was returning myself to a healthy state. Insanity? 🙂

So here are a few graphs! Note: I’ve owned a Garmin Fitness Tracker for years, and really like it! It’s not just a smart watch (read texts, answer calls etc) but it has heart rate and activity tracking (steps, workouts) and the Garmin app has a good UI, data and fitness insights. I enjoy analyzing my own data and seeing where I can improve in terms of activity.

1st Year Goal = Lose Fat. Keto Diet Results = 50lb loss 11 months

Keto Diet Results 1st Year

2017 – My initial weight loss was ~50lb in 11 months on low carb keto.
Just under 5lb / month. You can easily expect similar progress, and possibly faster!

2018-Today: Goal = Build Muscle and Cut Fat (Body Recomposition)

Keto Diet Results 2nd year
Bulking (muscle building) and cutting (losing fat) cycle implemented last year to gain some muscle mass. I plan to repeat this cycle of bulk / cut moving forwad to improve my body composition.

To Recap, What I didn’t do:

  • Diet or ‘portion-control’
  • Cardio for countless hours in the gym to ‘burn calories
  • Calories in vs Calories Out – Waste time counting / calculating

What I did :

  • Educated myself (reading books and free online resources)
  • Ate foods that my grandparents would recognize (not processed)
  • Stopped Eating All the Time (intermittent fasting)
  • When I ate, I ate to satiety
  • Kept myself accountable (kept carbs <20g / day net, weigh self daily)
  • Had more Fun – Did more of the things I enjoyed!
Keto Diet Results in Loss of Steak!
She didn’t want the little pieces… I can “relate”.

It might seem crazy, but those points were all I did… and it’s the recipe to successful, sustainable weight loss. I’ll be posting more on the details but for now I think you get it! 🙂

ACTION for YOU! Don’t Stand Idly By!

I’m here to help, I really want you to succeed because I know how easy it is. Reach out to me. What have you got to lose? Take 1 minute – click here, fill out the form. 

Knowing what you know, can you allow yourself, a friend, or family member to remain unhealthy? Potentially develop diabetes? Your silence will inexorably lead to that. If you can’t muster the courage to have an honest conversation about setting goals and making some changes in habits, that’s unacceptable. The road to dialysis is paved by inaction and apathy. If you can’t do it, send your friend to me by sharing my site, as having an outside person to talk to is usually an easier way to break through and be honest.

I say rock the boat, have the conversation, and WAKE UP!

We are on this planet to help one another. In your social circle, you are one of the only people able to influence your friends / family. You have a responsibility to use that position of influence to help! This is why I’m writing this blog, I want to share my proven method of replacing those habits chronically keeping us fat. Let’s make that change today.

Keto Diet Results Build Courage and Confidence.

So, finally, how did I muster up the courage to overpower those fears and click “publish” to post this? AND share it across all my social media?

  • Anger at how wrong all the advice I received for all those years was.
  • Passion to pull others out of that silent despair.
  • Pride for having dug myself out of that hole.
  • Motivation to continue and show you my next progress photos.

I have a newfound respect for every person who has put up their accountability photos to a Facebook page or online forum. Even more respect to those who post an accountability photo BEFORE they lost any weight. It’s scary, but I’m proud of where I’ve come. I have my family to thank, even though at times they didn’t agree, they see my results and are happy for my return to health. Thanks for the support, everybody.

I wish this post inspires others who feel stuck, frustrated and on the verge of giving up. You can make changes today that will transform you tomorrow. The time is going to pass no matter what, February will become March… 2019 will lead to 2020… who do you want to be when you look back?

All you need is to set some goals, and have someone who has struggled like you to talk to and have your back. If you’re serious about this, let’s make it happen.

Keto Diet Results in A Mental Shift

Let’s do this together! Ciao ’til time!


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