5 Paradigm-Shifting Reads for Going Keto

You’ve got to start early with the basics, guys!

I put together a list of 4 lies most people (myself included) believe prior to learning about nutrition themselves; and I’ve gathered top 5 paradigm-shifting reads to help you break through those lies and heal yourself. You might think these lies are indisputable facts. As you venture deeper down the rabbit hole of nutrition, it becomes clear the veil is thin and needs breaking. Lucky for us, ketogenic diets are increasingly popular, and many experts are sharing their knowledge and publishing their experience. That’s where these top reads come in!

Knowledge is Power so Gain Some and Shift Your Paradigm

Much of the reason I’ve succeeded is due to the shared wisdom and experience of others. Social media is a blessing in this regard. I encourage you to educate yourself as it is the single most beneficial thing to do. Once you understand why we believe these lies about weight loss and nutrition, it is easy to alter lifestyle. Deception is weaved through repetition in marketing, and this leads to it becoming illusory truth. The lies are ingrained in pop culture. Finally, they permeate our subconscious and we end up spreading it ourselves – completely unwittingly.

So remember: Knowledge is POWER. You need it in the early goings. It helps defend and rationalize choices when inevitably confronted by doubts. People will challenge your choice to go keto and get healthy, (friends, family, or co-workers). Keep yourself true to your goals – it’s easy when you have a fundamental understanding of how keto affects your body.

Shift your Paradigm by Keeping your Eye on the Prize, Knowledge is Power.
Always be course-correcting.

My top 5 paradigm-shifting reads I link below will debunk the for big lies I held true. The paradigm I held all my life and was keeping me overweight and sick. After reading these, you will have enough information to decide for yourself what path you want to take.

These books set me free and set me up to on the path leading to my weight loss goals. I confidently rate each of them 5 STAR Must-Reads. So go on, shake loose the shackles of old paradigms, these expert authors will give you hope, truth and understanding. They also contain practical, actionable advice – so I cannot recommend them enough.

Turn the tide to your favour – give these a read with an open mind!

Top 5 Paradigm-Shifting Reads for Going Keto

Lie #1: You Can Control What and How Much You Eat.

You can’t. You get hungry. A diet that doesn’t address hunger will never succeed. Keto keeps you full, satiated, and able to reconnect with your natural appetite.

Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life is a fantastic, practical read. Bryan Wansink reveals just how much our environment dictates how we eat. Without knowing it, stocking an easy-to-access drawer with chips and cookies sets you up to grab those first. You should make it easier to find a healthy can of tuna in the pantry, and grabbing the avocado off the kitchen table. Removing the need for decisions by designing our environment set me up for success. I read this book before committing fully to keto; and helped my wife and I make simple changes but impactful results. Results came from things like:

  • Using Smaller plates, cups, and cutlery (by default reduces portion size)
  • Storing healthiest foods in most easily visible places (fruit bowl on table vs the cereal box!).
  • Remove high-carb, super palatable, trigger foods from the environment altogether
Paradigm Shifts Are Simple, Go Keto by Ignoring the Carbs
Navigate parties by tackling party platters meat, cheese and olives first, don’t even leave room to consider those carbs!

Wansink has plenty of great stuff on YouTube (check out the 1-minute intro to the book here), and has sucessfully implemented changes in school cafeterias by making simple design alterations. I used his tips to redesign the layout of my home to make the healthiest choice the ‘default’ choice, so expend ZERO willpower. This built confidence, and helped me transition to healthier and healthier habits. Thank you, Brian!

Lie #2: Eat all the time to ‘keep your metabolism up’.

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung opened my eyes to our innate totally natural ability to go hours, and yes even days, without consuming any food. Think about it, and it should come as no surprise. We are the same ‘animals’ we were thousands of years ago. The same “biological machinery” our hunter gatherer ancestors had are yours and mine. How did they survive without 8-10 servings of carbs a day? Simple: feast on fatty protein when available, then live off of body fat (fast) until the next opportunity. Realistically, this is what we all want to do. Why not just put ourselves in the fat burning state and use all that fat you’ve been storing? It’s simple as literally not doing anything.

Eventually as you get healthier, you will get comfortable enough to try going a few hours without eating (yes, going from Pasta to Fasta takes time) I recommend you try the fasting protocols outlined in this book. Fasting is a tool we have forgotten about in modern times. Anybody trying to lose serious body fat ought to incorporate some of the ideas in this book.

Being in the fasted state brings with it more than just weight loss, though. Fasting removes brain fog and resets your relationship with food (read: no more sugar cravings). Lastly, you will be shocked by the free time you get back when you’re not:

  • Thinking about what to cook or where to pick up your next meal
  • Buying groceries
  • Cooking
  • Eating
  • Lining up at a restaurant, ordering, waiting for food
  • Cleaning up (dishes etc)

Look at that list! Isn’t it mind-blowing how our lives are so full of food-focused thoughts? In a society starved for time, try out fasting & get some back.

Lie #3: All Calories are Equal.

OK here we have a double-whammy… first up is Gary Taubes’ book Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It. I was amazed at how honest this book felt to me, I could really relate. Taubes goes in to the history of poor science and poorer policy that lead to the terrible nutritional guidelines set by our governments. The book follows with great references our downward spiral by repeated poor decision making . Taubes’ investigative journalism is so thorough – and presented in such entertaining terms – you will feel (as I did) as though you’ve become an expert on nutritional history and policy after reading this. And indeed, compared to 95% of the population, you will be. A fantastic read, arm yourself with its knowledge!

Shift your Paradigm, Go Keto by Dropping the Fries and Bun
What do you think, would a lettuce-wrapped burger be equally fattening to a fries and soda? Tip: It’s not, and the satiety achieved from one dwarfs the other.

Next, more directly related to how carbohydrates (and their effect on insulin) are uniquely fattening we have Dr. Jason Fung coming to the rescue again. Dr. Fung has been a phenomenal influence on my journey, as you can tell from my praise for The Complete Guide to Fasting here. In his book The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss, Dr. Fung imparts in simple terms how the hormone insulin is the critical factor we must control for in order to access our body fat.

Dr. Fung ridicules modern medicine’s gross misunderstanding of Type 2 diabetes (his great lecture series starts here). It pulls back the curtain and brings you to understand just how wrong a ‘trusted expert’ can be… yes even your doctor. Reading this helped me start questioning the root cause of problems we thought we had solved already – and not just around weight loss. A great read!

Lie #4: Limit your intake of dietary fat, or you will get fat.

Paradigm Shifting Read by Italian Goes Keto
Reject carbs, embrace fat and drop the weight. Nothing to it. Let’s get started!

The engineers got it right. Ivor Cummins has been a true inspiration, as he and others (like David Feldman) are blowing the roof off of traditionally held beliefs in the medical community on how we gain weight. Ivor’s (and Dr. Jeffrey Gerber’s) book Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity packing in so much science in an easy to digest package, I could not put it down. This one can’t be recommended enough.

Obtain Knowledge, Shift your Paradigms and Try Keto!

I highly encourage picking up these books if you are interested in making the switch to keto. You will be armed with an understanding of:

  • How our habits are formed, and how to hack your environment to your advantage.
  • Nutritional fallacies we have been fed and are expected to simply ‘believe’.
  • Critical thinking about what amazing things your body can actually do (ie: fasting)

These feats will fuel your personal journey to achieve your goals. This meant instead of relying on willpower and vague advice, I built a stockpile of expert references to draw from. So invest the time to read these gems, it will kick-start your weight loss journey!

If you’ve been struggling, I believe starting with any of these reads will motivate you to get started on the process. These are fundamental reading, and the real paradigm you need as your baseline knowledge. Shifting from the old paradigm to new will help you start on the path to achieving your weight loss goals. Good luck, until next time ciao!